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Matreshka calling card

Русская кухня (англ.яз.)

Russkaia kukhnia (angl.iaz.)

Type : Books

SKU: 149681
ISBN: 9785938939455

Pages: 160
Cover: Softcover
Year: 2020
Publisher: Медный всадник, СПб (Mednyi vsadnik, SPb)

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Краткая аннотация:
In the vast expanses, from the White Sea to the Black Sea and from the Baltic Sea to the Pacific Ocean, Russians live in proximity to other peoples - a nation united in language, culture and life. One of the most important moments of self-presentation of each nation is the national cuisine, because it reflects its history and living conditions in a concentrated form. Russian cuisine in this sense is no exception. At the end of the XVIII century there was an opinion that abundance is one of the characteristic features of the Russian table. To fully describe the richest assortment of traditional Russian cuisine, more than one volume is required. On the pages of this album, readers will find 235 recipes of the best dishes of Russian cuisine and 300 accompanying color illustrations. This book not only presents a set of recipes for Russian cuisine, but also introduces its history and conveys the unique atmosphere of our country. To those who have ever been to Russia, she will remind you of the peculiarities of the Russian way of life, their national customs, traditions and, of course, their hospitality and cordiality.

Левшин Владимир Артурович
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Ситников Андрей
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Виктория Розенталь
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Богданова Е., Счастливая К., Мелконян М.
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Новотная К.
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Лесниченко Влада
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Харрингтон Джейми
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Ларусс П.
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Брэгг Поль
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